Susan-on-brick-edited-300x244My name is Susan Browning. I’m a wife, mother of 2 and grandmother of 6, who wants to live life to the fullest for as long as I can and help others do the same.

I practiced as a Dental Hygienist for 16 years and am currently a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the International Association Of Health Coaches. I’ve done course work on bone health with Dr. Kim Millman and participated in a Detox Summit (focusing on a 21 day elimination diet) with Dr. Deanna Minich and the Institute of Functional Medicine. I recently completed a Continuing Education program on “Spices as Natural Medicine” and got a certificate from the Institute of Nutritional Leadership with Dr. Joshua Axe. I am constantly learning and educating myself on optimal wellness through nutrition and lifestyle so I can keep my clients informed with the latest news and research in that field.

As a Hygienist, I believed based on the way bone loss is in the mouth that once bone is gone that it could not be regenerated. But our skeletal system is different.

I got my first bone density test at 50. Just prior to the test I had decided to lose 20 lbs (during menopause) was running marathons and half marathons (adult onset runner at 40) worked out with a trainer 2 times a week and was eating what I thought was the healthiest diet. I couldn’t wait to see my bone density results. I believed that with all the weight bearing exercise I’d done and great nutrition I’d been eating that I would have the bones of a strong 30 year old, but I was wrong!!! They said I had osteopenia with a score of -1.8. I WAS DEVASTATED. How was this possible? While I know it’s just the early signs of osteoporosis, but I was not expecting that. And the doctor wanted to put me on the bisphosphonate Actonel once a month dose. I was floored. I waited months…staring at that sample pack they gave me. My husband kept asking me to start taking it because the doctor had told me to, as he never questions what a doctor advises. I did take one pill, but I knew in my heart this was wrong for me and never took another one.

I have been researching this since 2009, and I whole heartedly believe that we can improve or reverse negative health issues through alkalizing our diets and increasing the amount of greens and plant based foods we consume with juicing, smoothies and salads…my favorite way to eat! By making those changes over the next few years my next bone density scan was improved by 30%….to -1.2. Our bones are LIVING and in a constant state of tearing down and building back up. The bisphosphonates interfere with this natural process.

I don’t want the complications and side effects that meds bring into our lives when it’s an option to improve your health through what we put in our mouths… and I don’t want it for you. Please educate yourself when you are being prescribed something. Most of the common diseases threatening our world today can be avoided and even reversed through lifestyle and food choices. It’s certainly worth trying to make those changes,  to avoid taking prescriptions that lead you down that rollercoaster of taking more medications because of the side effects of the ones you start taking. You do have a choice.


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